Java Development

Extend your business capabilities through exceptional stand alone/web based Java solutions

It is widely known that Java is a rich, open source language that enables enterprises build their simple to complex web solutions. Its wide array of frameworks and tools have enabled Java to enter from small devices like smart phones and car stereos to a large enterprise servers. However, the success lies in assessing the deployment impact on the custom business requirements and adopting best practices to render a cost effective and a qualitative solution in Java.

We, at Nexmoo Solutions, have the certified Java professionals who combine the domain expertise and the technical experience to match the business requirements. From selecting the tools and methodologies to preparing the migration roadmap, we have specialized ourselves in end to end solutions. We follow the best industry practices in creating solutions that raises the ROI for our customers and clients.

Our Java development services include:

  • Java app development
  • J2EE app development
  • Java Struts development
  • J2ME app development
  • JSP server development
  • Google app Engine development.

So, use our expertise, choose what's right for your business, add values to your enterprise!

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Java Development