Privacy Policy

Privacy and Terms

Nexmoo Solutions welcomes you to its website. This page presents an overview of our privacy policy and terms of use of this site. By using this site, you agree to our privacy policy and terms.


Nexmoo Solutions reserves the copyright of all the content on Nexmoo's products and services. As a user, you are allowed to view/read the content for only business purpose. We prohibit copying, using and/or manipulating the content for any other purpose that deviates the mutual profitability or damages our reputation.

The logo of Nexmoo solutions is copyrighted too. We prohibit copying, using and/or manipulating our logo in any form.

Privacy policy

We don't collect or maintain any personal information other than the details entered in the contact form on our site. We don't authorize any third party to collect or maintain personal information of our users. You may visit our site anonymously. We don't use any tools/methods to determine your location.

We collect and maintain the contact details of those who would like to do business with us or request quotations from us. We use the contact details only to contact and not for any other purpose. We don't sell any information to any profitable or non-profitable organizations except for legal bodies.


Our privacy and terms may be updated in the future without further notice.