The Journey of Nexmoo

The story of Nexmoo starts when Mr. Pandiarajan decided in 2005 to start his own enterprise with all his mighty entrepreneurial mindset to tap the mobility market. Now, with a decade's experience, Nexmoo has joined the blue ocean with its technocrats and ever-growing client base in generating the innovation tide. The journey continues as Nexmoo evolves as an enterprise and expands its services to web technology and product development with an extensive collection of services, attracting global clients too.

  • Nexmoo exalts itself with some private investors acquiring the stakes from ProXS Infocomm LTD.
  • Sun Network approaches Nexmoo for its all-new mobile apps for its FM and TV channels.
  • Nexmoo delivers successful mobility solutions to its clients CricHQ, MagicBricks and

Nexmoo signs up agreements with Sun TV, Spicejet and Pizza republic on providing internal web and mobility solutions.


Nexmoo wins partnerships with AskChitvish, Bookurtable and Sulekha Classifieds in developing mobility solutions for them.

  • Nexmoo enters the gaming industry with the kick start of its gaming division.
  • Nexmoo develops and publishes its first ever games - Pasang - the national game of Brunei - and Jumpy on Java platform.

Nexmoo extends its services to Brunei through its parent company ProXS Infocom LTD, establishing a joint venture (JV) with Cyberunai Services to develop mobile apps and games.

  • Nexmoo strengthens its resource capabilities with ProXS Infocomm LTD acquiring stakes of Nexmoo.
  • Nexmoo wins deals from Indiaproperty, and Sulekha Classifieds on Java based mobility projects.

Nexmoo achieves its greatness in web solutions with the successful delivery of online registration portal for Railway Recruitment Board (RRB).


Nexmoo grabs a great opportunity in mobile app development with Nexmoo - Nokia partnership in developing apps for Nokia's Symbian and Java mobile platforms.


Nexmoo showcases its technical prowess with the launch of its first ever mobile app called Mobile Autograph.

  • India sees a surge in the user base for internet and mobile phones.
  • Nexmoo is born with Mr. Pandiarajan's smart work and leadership, with the goal of generating employment, tapping the internet and the mobile world, leading the innovation journey for the days to come.